KFC X Dead Man’s Fingers

Margate, 2023

The Rum Shack

A ‘Finger Liquor’ bar experience.

In 2023, KFC collaborated with Dead Man’s Fingers to create the very first KFC-inspired spirit – the 11 Herbed and Spiced Rum.

To amplify the launch of KFC’s collab with Dead Man’s Fingers, the ‘KFC Chicken & Rum Shack’ opened for the last weekend of summer, on the waterfront in Margate.

The venue embodied the ‘mash up’ nature of the collab; Kentucky Zing meets Cornish Soul. Guests enjoyed a menu of KFC X DMF cocktails handcrafted by on-site Mixologists, including a Zinger Punch & The Colonels Colada. Referencing the brand’s secret blend of herbs and spices, at 11 minutes past the hour, every hour, fresh KFC chicken was delivered - the perfect pairing.

The activation exceeded all KPIs set, generating a wealth of National and Regional coverage and fuelling sales of the rum, the first batch of which sold out in under 24 hours becoming the No.1 Grocery item on Amazon.