Don Julio

Global, 2022

Don Julio 80

To mark the 80th anniversary of the original luxury tequila, PRP created Tequila Don Julio’s first truly global act in-culture.

Celebrating the Mexicans shaping contemporary culture, a partnership with TIME saw the creation of a list of 80 individuals - those who do what they do not for fame, money or power, but Por Amor (For the Love). Honouring those who are as devoted to their craft as Don Julio Gonzalez was to tequila making.

The list shines a light on the incredible global Mexican diaspora to demonstrate the immeasurable value that Mexico and Mexican individuals are making on modern culture, craft and creativity around the world. The Don Julio 80 features a diverse range of figures including activist Saskia Niño de Rivera, fashion designer Victor Barragán, journalist Lydia Maria Cacho, musician Sofía Reyes, astronaut Carmen Felix Chaidez, and bartender Julio Xoxocotla.

"I have always proudly expressed Mexican heritage and identity through my designs, using these to challenge the preconceptions and stereotypes around what it means to be Mexican. There is so much incredible talent coming out of Mexico right now - the Tequila Don Julio 80 list is proof of just that."

Victor Barragán, at