Deutsche Telekom

Europe, 2022


Leveraging connected technologies to support Gen Z with their career ambitions.

‘Project Futureproof’ was designed to support Gen Z to identify future career opportunities and see the value of their existing passions & skill sets to help them in the world of work, Developed in collaboration with both Gen Z contributors and a diverse group of professional skills & employability experts, it connected users to peer-to-peer inspiration & support.

As the most influential voice of her generation and an artist who has used connected technology to help build her phenomenal career, Deutsche Telekom partnered again with Billie Eilish to help deliver its message of support to Gen Z. Billie was also one of the contributors on the tool, sharing her own career insights & learnings.

At the heart of the programme was an internationally available, free-to-access digital tool that leveraged vocational personality modelling to help connect users with potential career clusters, serving them relevant supporting content.

The international campaign ran across a range of Gen Z focused digital and social media channels. In addition, the campaign was adapted by a number of Deutsche Telekom’s key markets with a focus on Gen Z engagement.