Deutsche Telekom x Roblox

Europe, 2022


A space for music culture, connection and community in the metaverse.

Telekom Electronic Beats entered the metaverse in style with the launch of its virtual club experience “Beatland” on Roblox with the aim to bring young people from across the globe together to experience music culture in a completely new way.

In addition to a virtual club, users were able to visit the record store and cinema to watch short films by Haein Kim and Aleksandra Bokova, take on various virtual nightlife jobs in the ‘Beatland’ world, e.g record store manager and promoter. They were able to buy different outfits for their avatars and various digital items (“verch”) in the record store and Telekom Shop with Beat Coins, a virtual currency that was earned by completing activities.

To celebrate the launch, DJ and producer Boris Brejcha, performed a number of sets in avatar form at the virtual club back in April. Brejcha is recognised as one of the world’s most pioneering talents; having created a brand new dance music genre of his own.