Deliveroo Conference 2019

Deliveroo’s future partners

The second of Deliveroo’s annual conferences, an opportunity to demonstrate the future of the industry and highlight the support Deliveroo can provide to their restaurant partners.

Deliveroo’s HQ was transformed to take guests on a journey from the restaurant industry of the past, through the decades, before arriving in the future. The welcome area demonstrated the
colourful restaurant of years prior with kitsch furnishings and installations to highlight the improvements made by advances in technology.

A transition walkway joining the past to the future featured a timeline of industry facts to compliment a dining table, laid to represent the relevant decade. Guests then arrived in the main space,
a blank canvas where together with Deliveroo they could design the future. Throughout the course of the conference this was brought to life by street artists who live painted visuals in line with
the content being presented.